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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Bush Stroke Cakes are in now!

Made two messy Brush Stroke Cakes last week. I don't know why i am always thinking, i am the blog , when i am on instagram! Maybe its because instagram is easier just paste and people will like it, job done!

The one everyone likes!

Made a three layered cake. Chocolate Marble layer, Strawberry layer and Vanilla sponge layer. Filled them with Vanilla Butter cream and Dark Chocolate Ganache.
The cake was the right height and right size for a friend's birthday cake and a cake for another friend's best friend's birthday. They both ordered last minute, at the same time and choose the same design but different colours  but they felt similar to me. Finishing the cakes with a big edible flower on top of each cake.

                                                       The one i love.

I wonder who came up with the first design?

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