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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wafer Paper Flowers on cakes and .......

Hello and hope you all have heard about Wafer Paper Flowers. I am going to shorting it to WPF, because it’s too long to keep  on typing but back to the main topic.
WPF has taken the cake decorating industry by storm this year thanks to the fabulously creative and contemporary floral designs by Stevi Auble at Hey There Cake in San Diego. Stevi’s work has inspired decorators the world over.

While most of the stand-out designs to date with wafer paper flowers have been contemporary in style, wafer paper flowers work beautifully with vintage style cakes also to create a soft, blousy style flower, with two gorgeous examples

Below, there  is a design with a strong vintage influence blending soft wafer paper roses with 2-D handpainted floral appliques for an exquisite multi-dimensional cake design. And on the right, some fantastically realistic wafer paper flower.

Wafer paper is probably the best medium for making edible flowers allowing you to capture the wafer thin effect of this cupped flower just perfectly.  A beautiful white ranunculus flower features in the pretty white cake.

                               modern look on a simple three tier wedding cake.

To the bottom, delicate wafer paper flowers are embellished with edible pearl centre and paired within a beautiful peach, white and black wedding cake.

But do i really like the Wafer Paper Flowers? Still debating on that! maybe its because i have been used to Gum Paste and i really find the WPF finicky. Will left you know as time  goes on but if you love it, keep on doing what makes cake decorating easier for you.

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