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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

It’s My Berry Good Friend or should I say Aunt!

My Abstract loving Aunt and I were watching a show and this Aunt of mine wanted Strawberries and Champange and her birthday was in a week.
I started to think what cake flavour would I make? Then I thought to the Strawberries and Champange she was red! So, I thought to myself, why not make that but make the filling a Rose Water flavour!

The journey began with drying my strawberries and making a Champange syrup to go into the sponge mix for taste and flavour.
Then graduated to making my Sponge mix with the Champagne syrup instead of sugar. And fold in my dried strawberries into the sponge mix. 

Praying to my Father in Heaven for the sponge to work and it did, He never disappoints me, thank you Jesus!

The cake was a creation of mine and when she saw the cake she said , you got one of the design of  one of my famous artist . I was so pissed but I got over it in time.

                                                   Strawberries & Champagne.

Our Sweet Sweet KAY!

Top tier Strawberry and Vanilla sponge with Strawberry Buttercream and Bottom tier Red Velvet Sponge with Oreo and Cream Cheese filling.

                                          Anything the girl wants, the girl gets!
                                                      She is so into her Pink!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Whole Range!

You can get the whole range as well but some people ask for the whole range and change all the Cookies to one flavour the same cookie. Because the person is hooked on the Coconut Flakes and Lemon flavour!
I stick to  the Vanilla Flavour and dip it in the Salted Caramel Sauce, very sweet right. I have got a very sweet tooth!

                                   You can also gift wrap them as a present for any occasion.

The other line.....

Is a Condimemt line and we have got Six products: BBQ sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Salted Caramel sauce, Chilli Oil Paste, Toasted Saseame oil and Apple & Cinnamon Jam.
I am telling you, they are very tasty and once you buy a jar or a bottle. You will definitely come back for more.

                                                            Told you, we took our time!

We at Estherfairs have got ......

Two new lines of products out and about. Depending on where you go and shop for groceries or cafe or online

We are going to talk about the cookie line first and countinue on the next post. We have our delicious cookie line with five different cookie flavours; No additives or preservatives, homemade and hand finished. We pride ourself in working to keeping our brand on point!

Flavours: Stem Ginger, Chocolate Chip, Oat and Mixed Nuts, Coconut & Lemon and Vanilla.

We have been waiting a long time and we got it to perfection. Both the taste and container, it was a long road but all thanks to God Almighty!

Now for The 35th Birthday Bash!

When you know what you want! There isn’t anytime to faf around. It was just a Vanilla and Strawberry Sponge and Vanilla Buttercream Filling. I was so glad

I made a very simple cake and thanks to @Roka resturant staff. They were welcoming and hosted my party very well!

And this year only one dinner and one cake. The older you get, the easier you make life for yourself 🙈!

                     I loved my cake so much.

My Birthday Cakes for the Past Tow Years.

What design can you create when it comes to your 34th Birthday dinner and you are a Cake Decorator?
Not to bore you with too much talk! I kept it simple and the dinner was just with beautiful friends. I was so happy, I couldn’t ask for more than their presence.

Oh yes, I got amazing gifts too! I am not going to post the group picture. Some of you might be getting ideas to steal my lovely friends, lol!

Told you all, kept it very simple but full of goodness; Toasted Mixed Nuts Sponge with Salted Caramel Cream filling for the 1st Tier. 
2nd Tier was Vanilla Sponge, Strawberry Sponge and Chocolate Ganache!