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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

It’s My Berry Good Friend or should I say Aunt!

My Abstract loving Aunt and I were watching a show and this Aunt of mine wanted Strawberries and Champange and her birthday was in a week.
I started to think what cake flavour would I make? Then I thought to the Strawberries and Champange she was red! So, I thought to myself, why not make that but make the filling a Rose Water flavour!

The journey began with drying my strawberries and making a Champange syrup to go into the sponge mix for taste and flavour.
Then graduated to making my Sponge mix with the Champagne syrup instead of sugar. And fold in my dried strawberries into the sponge mix. 

Praying to my Father in Heaven for the sponge to work and it did, He never disappoints me, thank you Jesus!

The cake was a creation of mine and when she saw the cake she said , you got one of the design of  one of my famous artist . I was so pissed but I got over it in time.

                                                   Strawberries & Champagne.

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