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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Cream and Gold.

My lovely friend sent me eight different cakes and wanted me to incorporate all the designs into one cake. Not only that, she also wanted the cake simple and elegant.
When i finished "The Cake". I wasn't too sure it was nice, until my cousin made a comment about the cake, cool and nice he said!

Then i instagrammed the cake and i got lovely response about the cake. Her brother picked the cake up for me because i was going out of town. He saw the cake and was impressed, i guess!

Then i got an email with the longest thank you note. The cake was such a hit that orders kept coming in (Cake decorators have no life). My weekend away was a waste because i kept on replying to emails about cake orders (not that i am complaining). Back to the story. She was very pleased and i was pleased that she was pleased too!

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