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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Went for a picnic!

What a filled day. Spending time with loved ones on a sunny day, eating cake and ice cream. What can be better than that!

Went on a picnic with my sisters little ones, mama and sisters. Had a blast and i made fairy cakes. My first time of making fairy cakes. Have made 100's of cup cakes before but never fairy cakes. Why i always forget to pack a scale when am heading to my Mama's house, only God understands! Well, weighed the ingredients with my eyes and just went with the flow. Ok, it had a lot to do with me praying to my Father, God! I know am always talking about God but its only because He is so awesome!

 Then the little ones went on slides and swings at the park. We had lunch and took lots of pictures. Like my sister call's it, we had some Kodak moments!


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