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Friday, 3 August 2012

We call it minia......

Miniature cakes are lovely and so cool to look at but very expensive. Clients want them but hate how much it cost. What clients don't know or understand is. It takes time to make, to get it to look neat and how much time consuming it takes to make one!

Its like covering a big cake. Scrap that! I will always choose a big cake to cover and design over a Miniature cake. You really have to use the right amount of sugar paste. You can't use a light or too heavy paste in covering the Miniature cake and other things to also consider. It can be nerve racking.

You also get clients that want the Miniature cakes covered in Marzipan first and that's just the covering. When you start on the design. You can't do too much of decorating on a Miniature cake. For example if you have got loads of design. Get a paper and sketch all the different designs you want going on the Miniature cakes together. These should be where your creative side comes in. You will have to merge the designs together and make them look simple and decadent at the same time.

Miniature cakes are sweet to look at but putting in mind that they also cost from £6 to £12 and that's only for the plain designs.  I think that's enough of talk on Miniature cakes!

Have got lots to talk about when it comes to Marzipan! I really cant stand it but  love Almonds.

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