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Friday, 1 June 2012

Got a last minute cake order and didnt ....

 Forget  about the diamond jubilee.  I love the Royals but am not  going to make a cake celebrating the diamond jubilee. For once am going to go hang out by myself and just have fun. Its sound sad but its so cool.

Guess what? The cake was ordered by my beloved cousin. She wants a themed cake (Tree Fu Tom). Don't have any idea of what design am making but i know i will come up with something later on. Will upload the picture of the cake when am done.

Well, started baking at 4:30am on Friday. Because i got the order on Thursday evening and she wants this cake for Saturday morning. I had planned to bake muffins for my very good friend's daughters and an anniversary cake for her and her husband. I cancelled those plans for the birthday cake. In all fairness, the cake belongs to my nephew. What was i suppose to say no!

So instead of making muffins and an anniversary cake. I choose to only make an anniversary cake for my friend and the themed cake for my nephew.

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