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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Walnut and Cookie Cookies Experiment

Made Walnut and coffee cookies today. Had no one to share them with but  had two pieces and tried  freezing the rest. Was trying an experiment to know if freezing the cookies will make them fresh and crunchy or soft after they have been defrosted.

All i could say was oh la la after eating the cookies. Let me tell you a secret about my cookies. I never add raising agents to the recipes. Even if the recipe says it needs it. It works for me, Because have got strong taste buds and my recipes comes out alright (cos i substitute the ingredient around). I don't like eating cakes from other cake shops. Am not saying cakes from other shops are not good. Just that my taste buds  are very sharp and i can taste ingredient inside any food i eat. That's why everyone thinks am irritable but the truth is i get irritable very fast.

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