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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Just finished the cakes.

Am so happy with the out come of the cake. like i said to you all. Something will come to me. Started with cake covering with green sugar paste and the 8inches with peal pink sugar paste. Left the pink cake and focused on the Tree Fu Tom cake. Staeted with the cake and  moved on to the darker green cut out  and other things in the garden.

At this point all i wanted to do was to sleep. It was like 1am this morning. Slept for 7hours, cleaned myself up and started on the cake. I was happy that i left the cake for 6 hours. Because it gave the mouldes time to dry and it makes it easier to work on.

Went back online to check out the picture of Tom. To be 100% sure of what am making. Well, made Tom and showed my sister the picture. She said i should make two other characters. Went ahead and made them. Finished the cake with grasses and added some leaves on the tree.

Will also show you some pictures of the characters. Its also good if you are feeling that there is something missing on the cake to get a second opinion.


That's all folks! For a Tree Fu Tom cake. Have a fantastic Bank Holiday.

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