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Friday, 25 May 2012

When you are given.......

 In some cases, you get given creative licenses and that's when the fun begins. Sometimes i sit and stare at my cakes and i don't even bother jotting anything down. Apart from when there dos and don'ts  the clients don't want or wants in/on the cake (Allergies).

Then i start with the transportation. Transportation being that, i travel to another place and focus on that cake alone. Or i play noisy music that others around me can't stand. The best of all, singing and talking too much. Cake decorating have stolen my life and i love everything about it. From creating new cake recipes, fillings, designs to actually making the cake and the cake coming to life. Am sorry for those who don't do what they love or haven't found what they love. I was blessed by God and i thank Him for that.

I was taught  Cake decorating by two lovely ladies :- Mrs Funmi Odutola and Mrs Rayo Apanari. I  never had any cake training from school. Just use to free lance by myself but i got a job working for Mrs Apanari and at that moment i knew i found my calling.

They both went to a cake school and are both good at teaching. They knew all the traditional and proper method of cake decorating. Am saying thank you to both of them. But i never use to really agree with all their methods. Because i believe in doing things my own way. Because someone tells you its done a certain way does not mean that's the only way it can be done.

Am not saying, their ways are difficult or is the wrong way but if you find an easier way of doing things and you get the same fantastic finish as the traditional way. I don't see why you can't do it your own way. Its all about you believing in yourself and being fearless. I love taking risk and if i fail. I always dust myself up and get back on the train again. The worse that will happen is to start all over again. That's one thing i know am very good at Covering cakes very fast and neat. Guess what! Am very very good at it and bloody fast at it too!

Will continue later.

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