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Friday, 25 May 2012

Butter cream or Sugar paste?

To design a cake. I don't mind using a butter cream or sugar paste based cake. Butter cream is faster and easier but the is always a limited to how much  or how far you can go with a Butter creamed cake.  You can design butter creamed cakes with almost the same designs as you do with sugar paste cake but the are some designs and techniques you might want to do. That i will advice you not to even think off when using a butter creamed cake. Examples are stenciling, embroidering and air brushing. Some clients might tell you they want it done regardless. Which have had to deal with lots of times. With butter creamed cakes. The best bet is to stick with the straight edge. That gives it a neater finish when covering the cake.

Again like my sister says, Costumers are always right and i go, isn't it my job to advice them. Then she answers by saying. Do your best and leave it to them.

Back to the topic at hand. All the butter creamed cakes have done with special request. Have always been done with care and i actually push myself to look for a new way to achieve a better result. I always find fault with each cake i make but everyone tells me. Stop trying to create a fault because there is nothing wrong with the cake. Basically, what am  trying to saying is. The cakes can be done but you wouldn't get the best finish you want on a butter creamed cake. Like you would on a sugar paste covered cake . Have  always been favoured. Never had a client return any cake back or damaged. Thanking God for that!


With sugar paste covered cakes. Sky is the limit to how far you can go! When i talk about cakes, something inside my soul lights up like a Christmas tree. I love cake making and when you start on a design. The right way of making a cake is to get a paper and jot everything down. To be sure of what you are about to do and following your clients demands.

Sugar paste work are neater than  butter creamed cakes. You can even make the edges of your sugar paste cake into any shape you want. They can be beveled, straight, domed, e.t.c .

Later Dayz.

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