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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What to do tomorrow!

Guys i know what we are going to be doing tomorrow. We are going to  be baking cookies and taking a day off from cakes tomorrow. The recipe of the cookies we are baking. Will, be posted tomorrow morning. For you guys to get all your ingredients together and get the cookies ready before your friends or family come over.

We are going to be baking a Peanut and Oatmeal cookies. It is very easy to make and its got a decadence taste to it. I hate that word because its been used so much. So, i need someone to come up with  another word that we can substitute with the word "decadence".

When the are baked and  cooled on the cooling rack. Our cookies are going to be dusted, with icing sugar dusting over them or peanut butter glace and served with warm milk or hot cocoa (Chocolate Drink).

Imagine, having friends coming over for a night cup of hot cocoa or you relaxing in front of the television having a peaceful night by yourself. Tell me if you don't feel fantastic after that experience tomorrow. So, am making it a date with you all to come and dish on how you spent your night with your cookies and beverage. If you don't have time to bake. You can buy your cookies from the store and still share the experience with us. But  there is a satisfying experience with the smell of freshly baked home made cookies.

later dayz,

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