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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Couldn't wait till tomorrow.

Decided to continue with the next step. Which is filling and covering the cakes. All you have to do is to get a serrated knife and trim/level the top of your cake .
The next step is to get your bowl of butter cream, pallet knife and wooden spoon. Mix the butter cream with the wooden spoon. Just to loosen up the cream a bit. Then take a scoop or two and spread evenly on top of your cake with your pallet knife.
 When that's all done. All you need to do is to take another 8 inch cake and trim the cake like you did with the first one. Flipping the trimmed top of the cake on the other cake that's just been filled with butter cream and you can also spread  jam on top of the butter cream.
 The cake can be severed with just icing sugar dusting on top of the cake. Or you can take it to the next level. That's you covering the cake but there are lots of steps you need to take before covering your cake. You have to trim and cement your cake before covering the cake. This means you have to trim the sides of the cake and making sure its even. Then you fill it the hollow parts of the cake up with butter cream. After that you can start to butter cream or cover your cake in sugar paste. After those steps you can finish up with different designs. 

These are three different designs. The yellow coloured butter cream cake. Is finished with a combing effect. The lilac coloured  butter cream cake is just a basic butter cream covering.  The tier cake is is made with sugar paste. The bottom tier is covered in green sugar paste and the top tier is covered in white sugar paste.

We will get to the decorating side of cake decorating later. For now lets get everyone to these stage and we will take it from there ok!

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