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Friday, 13 February 2015

White, Black and Silver.

It was my birthday and i decided to go all out. Went out for two different dinners. One with my friends and one with my family. It was so special and i was so excited. Let me describe the cake layers and filling to those of you that couldn't make it to any of  the dinner parties!
Paint Brush Effect.
The cake i took for dinner with my lovely friends. The cake had layers of Chocolate and Vanilla. There were two layers of each and three fillings. The fillings were White chocolate cheese filling, Raspberry mousse and Dark chocolate ganache. Don't be fooled by the height of the cake. The cake was high and that is why, cake decorators always tell you never to judge a cake by looking at a picture!
                                                    White, Black and Silver.

The cake i took to dinner with my family was very basic because every one i invited had allergy to nuts and i wasn't going to stress over that! We had Vanilla and Chocolate Marble with Dark chocolate ganache filling for both tiers. We had so much cake left over that we gave cakes to staff and some of the customers sitting beside our tables. We had fun and game after dinner and it was just a perfect night to a perfect day for me. My Birthday was Awesome!

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