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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rejoice with those who rejoice!

My nephew clocked one on Saturday. I went to the party with my sister and also made the cake for the party. Like the bible says, rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. I pray to my God that we all will rejoice more than we mourn with each other in Jesus name.

Back to the story of the cake. You all know how i love making a simple but also making the cake beautiful. I made my nephew a " Rara the noisy lion cake". He couldn't say thank you but his mum did all the thanking on his behalf. We all had a sleep over and I had a blast because i could see that we all had grown in Christ and that was something to me joyful for.

                                            Told you, simple but pretty!

The whole cake was made with edible products apart from the board. The top tier had a half chocolate marble sponge, vanilla buttercream filling and vanilla sponge. The bottom tier had vanilla sponge with vanilla filling. Was trying to keep it simple, i wanted everyone to have a taste from the cake. So, I didn't get all adventurous! Rara was made with sugar as well.

A quick story about the cake. We were carrying the cake and a little girl said Rara the noisy lion. That made my day because if people can clearly recognise the character or the models you make. That means your gift is from God and He must really love you to bless you that much. Just wanted to say thank you God. I will always give my praise to you forever and ever.

PS: I love party packs and if you are inviting me for a birthday party. Make sure you make a party pack. lol!
That all folks!

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