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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hazel Nougat!

Be careful and make sure you follow the recipe with care. The recipe can easily go wrong!


250g Sugar
50g Liquid glucose
100ml Water
450g Blossom honey
3 Egg whites
500g Hazelnut

You will need a sugar thermometer


1, Roast hazelnut until light golden. Heat honey to 120ºC. While honey is heating, dissolve the sugar and glucose in the water, and bring to boil. Boil until it reaches 150ºC on the sugar thermometer.
You really need to be careful! 

2, Meanwhile beat the egg whites into soft peaks, gradually pouring in the hot honey, then the sugar syrup, whisking at all times. Whisk until opaque (about 5 minutes), then fold in hazelnut.

3, Then place mixture in a laminating tin lined with rice paper. Cover with a layer of rice paper, a tray, and something heavy, to weigh down on it overnight (6 bags of sugar). The following day, cut nougat into squares.

Please be careful when using hot sugar, thanks.

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  1. This looks realllly good. i wish i had a kitchen in my dorm to bake