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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Autumn, here we are again!

Autumn is another word for fall. It is defined as the season when the leaves change their colour and fall from the trees, leaving the ground with a splendid array of brilliant red, yellow and orange dried leaves. It is the season that marks the end of the summer season and the beginning of the winter season.

It occurs approximately at the same time when the sun is close to the winter solstice. It is the season that usually begins in the month of September and goes on until the month of November in Europe.

Now we all know the colours that are associated with Autumn and we are going to incorporate that into our cake designs. Using  floweriest paste to make dead leaves, flowers and twigs falling from the branches of the trees. I make all the designs going on cakes i make edible . Here are some examples of some wedding cake designs that have been made for the Autumn wedding season!

                                                             Twigs and dried orchid.

                                                              The  colours strips.

                                                              Painted leaves.

                                                              Fruit of the season.

                                                             Simple and elegant.

 If you like a cake on this page and want to incorporate a bit of you into the cake. All you have to do is tell your Cake Maker and am sure the Cake Designer will be able to incorporate that for you. Hopefully we will be the Cake Decorator you call on to make your cake. Thanks for reading and stay blessed

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