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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wedding Anniversary's (Part 1)

Anniversary's are days, dates or moments we remember and celebrate. There are lots of Anniversary's but am going to talk about Wedding Anniversary today in relation to Cakes.   

Most people go all out when it comes to their wedding anniversary but for others it depends on how long they have been married for. For instance, 1st year wedding anniversary Gift/Flower  is associated with Cotton/Rose in England but in the United State the symbol of the first year anniversary is paper. Most people sever the saved portion of their wedding cake from the year before.

So if you have got a Wedding Anniversary coming up. All you have to do is  go online and search for  the Gift/Flower that symbolizes your wedding anniversary and introduce the gift/flower into the design on your cake. Here are some lists of Wedding Anniversary Gifts/Flowers  (England) and am going to post a cake picture beside it.
                                                            Year      Gift
                                                            1st          Cotton/Carnation

A saved tire from your wedding cake can be recovered and made into a simple design. Using a cotton ribbon of your choice and a simple design to go with it.

                                                            Year       Gift
                                                            5th         Daisy/wood

           Depending on what you want to go with (Daisy) and how big you want to go with the size .

                                                              Year      Gift
                                                              10th    Aluminum/Daffodil

                                                              Year      Gift
                                                              15th   Crystal/Rose

                                                              Enjoy and keep reading!

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