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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Different techniques!

In cake decoration we have got different techniques. Some have got general name for calling the design and some are just called different names. Today am going to talk about a technique that i really love  and its called "Brush Embroidery"! I was taught this technique by my mentor (FO). The first time i saw her make the design. It blew me away because it looked neat and beautiful at the same time. I use to stalk her when she made the design and will quickly walk to my table and practice until i got it.

You have to have some basic skills when it comes to being a cake decorator examples are painting, modeling, piping, writing, e.t.c.  The process of making a  Brush Embroidery work on a cake is has follows.You need your template, an inscriber, small bags of royal icing, a tapered flat painting brush a little bowl of water and hand towel.

You tape your template on your covered cake using the inscriber to trace out the design on the cake. You need to complete the design on all the part of the cake you want your design to show on. The next step is to start tracing the lines with your royal icing. One pattern at a time because we don't want the royal icing to dry out. When the royal icing is placed on your cake, you take your flat tapered brush. Wet it but only to make it damp. Then you start to press your icing at the edge to give if a feathered effect and you keep repeating it on the rest of your lined work. It sounds harder than it looks but you need to practice, practice, practice!

You can have this design done on cookies, miniature cakes and cupcakes. Hope you enjoy your practice time, like i did when i first started learning.

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