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Friday, 29 June 2012

Simple and Elegant like my heart desires!

For me simple cakes are just too pretty! Have meet people who think they know me and think, i love loud cakes. Which is so not true! I think simple but elegant cakes even dinner parties involving  4 to 6 people is just  perfect. I love simple cakes stained with stenciling.

I also like small wedding cakes and wedding reception. Only involving 50 to 75 guest. I believe in little parties because you get people to interact a bit better. All these are my what i love and my believes!


 Every time i meet with a client. I always wish they choose an Elegant cake for their wedding but sometimes i get clients that like the loud/ flashy cakes and there isn't anything wrong with that. At the end of the day. Your client is always right because its always about them and what appeals to them!

The funniest thing is, i love making fun cakes than simple cakes. Especially cakes for kids! Because there are fun, colourful and  sky is the limit to how far u can take it but you also have to be careful. Because the cake might get over done  and that just puts people off. That's another story for another day!

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