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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cakes for lovely friends!

When you become a cake decorator. The people around you get free cakes until you start making cakes professionally or start your own business. Have always counted on my friends for support. They have always been there with me during the late night shits at work. Sleeping on the sofa waiting for me and my Ex co-worker during the middle of the night trying to finish and meeting the cake order dead lines for the company. Wish i had pictures of those days, cos those were great days. All the last minute cake orders and late/ last minute  cake deliveries and cake set ups. My friends will tag along just to spend time with me and we all use to enjoy it.  It was just pure fun!

Well, that's why my friends get free cakes for their birthdays sometimes!  This 1983 cake was a my friend (Eben).

The other cake was for my friend (Tarek). We all were born in January and that makes it so special and so cool at the same time!

Some of my good friends cakes!       

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