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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Part two

Am only going to give you basic and simple importance but you can go online or look though any basic or old traditional cooking/baking books. Now lets start with,

 Butter :- It helps in locking in the moisture in the cake. Adds flavor and helps give the cake the golden brown colour on the outer layer and the golden colour inside the sponge.

Caster Sugar :-  It helps in making the cake mix fluffy. Gives the cake a nice taste and helps with the texture of the cake.It adds volume to the mixture.
 Eggs :- Are glue and helps in making the cake hold together and it also acts as a rising agent in food. 
Flour:- This is what binds the cake together.
Baking powder :- Am sure we all know that this is a raising agent and helps in increasing the air in the cake mix. So when its added to the cake mix is begin to incorporate and enlarge the air in the batter to give it more volume.

Vanilla essence :- its a flavoring that gives the cake an amazing aroma. It needs to be measured at all times because if too much is added into the cake mix. It affects the balance of the cake and the smell of the cake might be over powering.

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