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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The importance of ingredeints

Before we go into cake decorating. There are somethings we need to know about cakes (Sponges). There are different types of sponges examples are :- Vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, orange, strawberry, lemon, carrot, fruit, coconut, chilli.

We can sit down all day long mentioning names of sponges and that doesn't mean we will mention all the cakes in the world. We all know that  when cooking or baking  it all falls down to taste, what you like and most especially Science! We might hate it but if you want to be a good cake maker or a chef. It all falls down to Science! Trust me,  it kills me to say it but it does. If you love cooking or baking or making things that have to do with measurement.  It all falls down to Science!

It all starts with knowing what the importance of what each ingredient does to what your making. We are going to start with importance of cake/sponge ingredients. We are going to take a trip back to the basics and trust me. If you like baking all these will be enjoyable and pleasurable for you to read and easy to understand.

Lets start with the first thing that comes to our mind when we want to bake a cake. Get a paper and a pencil. I always use a pencil. That's just me!   You decide what type of cake you want to make and start with what you need for the cake. We are going to go with a traditional Victorian sponge/ pound cake like the Americans call it.
We start with Butter 500g,
                     Caster sugar 500g
                     Eggs 500g
                     Flour 500g
                     Baking powder 13g
                    Vanilla essence 1teaspoon


  1. Roughly how many eggs make 500g?

  2. A large egg weighs between 50 to 54g/500g is to 17.6oz. Another way is by cracking your eggs and weighing them. Am sure if you use 10 large eggs. That would be fine but to be on the safe side weighing the eggs is the best way.