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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Wedding Cake Knives and Servers.

I started getting into cake knives and servers all of a sudden. Why? Only God can answer that!
Here we go into the history of  Wedding a CaKe Knives and Servers.

Apparently the cutting of the wedding cake symbolizes the union of the bride and groom.
The actual act of cutting the wedding cake together shows that the Bride and Groom are willing to work together in their married life.
After the cake is cut a slice of cake is pulled out from the rest of the cake by the matching wedding cake server where the bride will feed it to the groom and then the groom will do the same this, which symbolizes their commitment.
The bride then cuts the cake and serves all of her guests.  This is also a part of the tradition which symbolizes the love that you have for your friends and family.  It is also a way to say thank you to them for attending your wedding.
The wedding knife set will also bring some joy and anticipation to your guests when they go by the wedding cake as they know what you have planned and that they will be a  part of it to.
So if you don’t have a wedding knife and cake set, you will miss all these traditions and not to mention the fun and excitement that it will provide. 
For many people this is a very special part of the wedding celebrations and for others it is just a fun part of the wedding. 
Either way, it can’t be done without this very small and important serving utensil. But why not? If you can afford to get it.

Wedding Cake Knife and server's vary in different style, colour, designs, materials and prices.


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