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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Good week and a fantastic weekend.

Morning all, hope you had a good week or should I say fantastic weekend, like I did. My little ones were all in town together, saw one of my special mum, made her pork casserole, made some cakes. Celebrated with a dear friend. My sisters are in town. Amazing speaker spoke on Sunday. Jesus loves me and lives in me. I am telling you, my week was fantastic and I know God will upstage this week better than last week, for all of us in Jesus name. Thank you Jesus.

Made some simple cakes. I realized that I might like Chocolate Ganache! I have always made Chocolate Ganache but because I am not a chocolate lover. I taste a drop of it when I make it. Last week, I made a lovely chocolate cake with a thick rich chocolate ganache and let it sit for about an hour. Had a slice of the trimmings and I went back for seconds. I shouldn't lie, I shock myself and told everyone who knows, I hated the taste of chocolate but I guess I need to keep renewing my mind about  all things.

Well here are some pictures. To all those who were at the Bermondsey Campus on Sunday, you will know what the Blue Character is!

Salty is the name.

Inside joke cake.

Have a lovely day people beautiful people.

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