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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cakes for March.

Hello people, went to Warwickshire to visit my sister and her family. Taught a crash course (CHEFING) to a lovely lady, my sister's very good friend. It was also my niece's birthday. I don't know how parents do it. Just a big thank you to all mums in the world. My sister is such a fantastic role model, not to her kids alone but to me too!

 All her plans for her daughter's birthday and how she did the sleepless nights to make everything go perfectly. It was just mind blowing, decorating the whole house with banners and balloons, making cakes, cookie dough for the kids to cut and bake at the party, icing and decorating cup cakes and pop cakes. then to top it all she also took the kids for dinner. Lots of money was spent and we also made two cakes and had fun. The new Disney animation "FROZEN" inspired the party and cakes but unfortunately. I don't have permission to post the kids picture but i am going to post the cake pictures. After all that marathon, i had to leave for London the same day. I had a blast because where there is love, you  will never want to leave.

                                       Princess Elsa, for the dinner party.

                                              Castle cake for her school party.

Good news people, i also got a party pack and i am not ashamed of that, lol!

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