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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bakewell Tart.

Hello everyone, missed you guys a lot  but am back now.
I an back with a British Dessert that we all don't see on shelves in stores any more. We all know its easy to make but time consuming. You need to make the pastry and leave it for some minutes to rest. Then make the filling (Frangipan). I just realised how much, i love almond but the flavouring is too strong and it makes me sick. We are going to jump into the history but will send you a recipe if anyone of you ask for it. Just to let you all know, i need your feed backs too.
                                       Who says English food don't taste good.
 What is a Traditional Bakewell Tart  - this is a very popular dessert using a recipe which as been passed down over generations. 
Using shortcrust pastry, cover with a layer of jam, add a mixture of eggs (we use free range) sugar, ground almonds and margarine (suitable for vegetarian). Fill the pastry base with your ingredients and sprinkle with flaked almonds then bake in a warm oven.
In our Coffee Shop we serve them daily with either ice cream, cream or custard. If you prefer a sweeter version cover your Bakewell Tart with white fondant and add a cherry.
Our Traditional Bakewell Tart has become one of the most popular, other variations include Iced Cherry Bakewells, Jam and Coconut and Bakewell Puddings (these have a puff pastry base and were baked here in the 1870's for over 100 years using the recipe which Mrs Greaves's cook created by accident when making a tart at the White Horse Inn which was later passed on to one of the previous owners as stated in 'This England' in 1971), Our customers return on a regular basis to eat our delicious Bakewell Tarts and order online when they return home to send to family and friends home and abroad. Our famous recipe is kept safely locked away.
                                                Good food makes me happy.

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