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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Made Easy!

Am about to blow your mind. People think making Ice-Cream, got to be, making Creme Anglaise, pouring it in the Ice cream maker, adding flavoring or extra ingredient into it! But i tried a new recipe. Which was so, did i say so? Yes so easy!

Simple things in life make the best and nicest things. Am sure you all are wondering, what is she on about now. Well, am talking about a Cream Cheese Ice-Cream and you don't need an Ice-Cream machine. All you need to do is:

400g - Cream Cheese
400g - Double Cream
300g - Icing Sugar
350g - Beet Root (Cooked)
100g - Caster Sugar

Chop beetroot and put into a sauce pan, add caster sugar to the beetroot. Cook until the sugar dissolves and liquid dries up. Leave to cool for about 2 hours because it helps the left over moisture come out of the beetroot. Puree the beetroot.

Next step: Pour cream into icing sugar and whip to a soft peak. Soften cream cheese and add into the whipped cream. Add the pureed beetroot into the cream mix. Fold the mix together, pour into a topper wear bowl and put in the freezer. Oh, that means its ready!

Serve with Devil's Chocolate Cake. Seriously, it will blow your mind!

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