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Monday, 2 July 2012

Doing your part!

Hello guys, this is my first post at my new residence and i decided to make something new. Have also got a project to do. I need to make 700 cupcakes for Charity . Remember its all for charity and its all about giving back. The show starts at 1:00pm next week Saturday and have decided on what cupcakes am making.

My list of cupcakes 

1: Vanilla sponge topped with lavender butter cream.
2: Butterscotch sponge topped with Peanut butter cream .
3: Chocolate sponge and Chill with Infused Chilli butter cream.
4: Strawberry pepper corn sponge topped with Balsamic frosting.
5: Raspberry sponge and Mint butter cream.

Am excited and can't wait till next week. Given back is so cool and when you know you have got the means in helping others. I think you should always make use of the opportunity and remember its very good that you give back! I was born a Christian and its all about love. When you love others you will want to give them as much as you can and do the best things for them. That's why you give what you can and help where you can. That's what been a Christian means and also what Charity means too!

Not to brag but i just created a perfect Tomato Cupcake recipe and will finish it with a Sweet Pesto Cream Cheese Icing. Like i said cant wait!

                                                               Cutting into the cake.

That's all for the day and remember to give back!


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