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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

welcoming all cake lovers and introducing myself to all.

My name is Esther and am a cake decorator. Who started as a chef and worked her way up the ladder. At the breaking point of my career. I decided to become a cake decorator. From the day i started making cakes. I never looked back and made a promise to myself to only do what makes me happy. Am not that good with the internet but i will try my best possible to come on at least once a day. Also it depends on how many of you guys read the blog.

I promise to assist and answer many cake decorating or baking questions that i know. Will also give advise on desserts and cooking recipe questions too. Don't forget, i mentioned having a chef background and have worked with celebrities and high-end companies, hotels, e.t.c.

Will love to hear from you and will always post new things every time i come online.


  1. yes i have uploaded some pictures for you,

    Thank you.

  2. How frequently would you upload new things?

  3. I will try my best in adding new pictures when i post any information on the blog.

    Later dayz,